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前些天,提到了网络问答社区:Quora,知乎,者也等。昨天也去注册了Quora,开始关注Quora上的一些精彩问答。由于Quora现在不支持中文,也不允许出现中文问题和答案,所以我也会选择翻译 一些优秀的问答。(注册Quora的方法:翻墙工具,跳美国IP后注册,或者使用Facebook或twitter帐户登录。)

Answer Summary


This is an official Quora guideline.



Ⅰ. Start by setting up a good feed.

  1. · Your activity feed has recent activity about content that interests you. You can view your feed by going to the home page.
  2. · You can build a good feed by following and searching for topics, people, and questions.
  3. · Topics: When you follow a topic, questions and answers tagged with that topic will appear in your feed
  4. · People. When you follow people, you will see questions and answers posted by these people in your feed.
  5. · Questions: When you follow a question, you will see activity about that question in your news feed (example: when a new answer is posted on the question).
  6. · The easiest first step: start by following some topics that you care about andsome people who write about them.
  7. · You can also read some interesting questions to get a feel for the site.


  1. 你的Feed(源)包含你感兴趣内容的动态。你可以在你的主页浏览你的Feed.
  2. 你可以通过关注和搜索主题,人物和主题来建立一个好的Feed(源)。
  3. 主题:当你关注一个主题,问题和答案,该主题标签将会出现在你的Feed源中。
  4. 人物:当你关注一些人,你将会在你的Feed源中看到他们发表的问题和答案。
  5. 问题:当你关注一个问题,你将会在你的最新Feed中看到这个问题的动态。(例如,当发布这个问题的新的回答时。)

Ⅱ. Learn more, including:

  1. · What does a good answer on Quora look like?
  2. · What makes a good question on Quora
  3. · Learn more about how to use Quora for users in specific fields and professions.


  1. 在Quora,一个好的回答是什么样的?
  2. 在Quora,一个好的问题什么样?
  3. 了解有关用户如何在特定的领域和行业使用Quora。

下面来自Kevin Der, Quora Engineer(投票最多)的回答:

1 Follow some topics that interest you. (How can I follow topics on Quora?)


2 Browse questions that interest you, either from activity in your feed or by searching in the navigator. (What is my activity feed on Quora?, How do you search on Quora?)


3 Add answers to questions you know about. (How do you answer a question on Quora?, What should the guidelines be for answers on Quora?)


4 Improve question pages by editing questions, adding topics to questions, and summarizing answers. (How do I edit questions on Quora? Can anyone change a question?, How can I add topics to a question on Quora?, How can I add a summary to a question on Quora?


5 Find people you know who are already on Quora. You automatically follow your Facebook friends, so the best way to find more people you know is to import your email contacts. (How do I import my email contacts into Quora?)


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