原文标题:The do’s and dont’s to increase cost per click

In previous blog posts we’ve explained what RPM is and how it’s influenced by what users do when they come to your site. We want to take this conversation a step further today, and discuss some strategies that can potentially increase the cost per click (CPC) of your ad units.
Though we can’t quantify a good or bad CPC, there are several things you can do (and a few that you shouldn’t do) if you’re trying to increase the CPC of the ads on your site. Take a look at some of the best practices outlined below:




  • Enable all of your ad units to show both text and image/rich media ads. By increasing the number of advertisers competing for your ad units, the ad auction will make sure that the highest paying ad will be shown. Learn more from one of our publishers who made this change, and edit all your units in bulk with the new AdSense interface.
  • Keep your filter list small so you don’t lower your revenue potential by blocking the highest-paying ads. Watch this video to better understand the ad auction and how to enable the most competition for your ad space.
  • Increase the number of ads competing for your site by setting up your custom channels for placement targeting. Read this post for more details and instructions on how to set these up.
  • The top-paying ads will be shown in the ad unit that appears first in your HTML code. To take advantage of this, you will need to understand which of your ad units has the highest clickthrough rate (CTR) by using custom channels. Then, you can easily change the code of your website to make sure that your top performing unit is the one with the highest-bidding ads.


  • 使你所有的广告单元既展示文字也展示图片/富媒体广告。通过增加竞争你广告单元的广告客户的数量,广告竞拍会确保收入最好的广告将被显示。多了解作出这种改变的发布者之一,并编辑所有你的广告单元块的AdSense界面。
  • 确保你的过滤列表较小。这样通过阻断最高单价广告,你就不会降低你的创收潜力。观看此视频,以便更好地了解广告竞拍和如何使你的广告空间保持最高的竞争性。
  • 通过自定义目标位置,增加竞标你网站的广告数量。更多关于的设置的细节和介绍请阅读这篇文章。
  • 最高付费广告将会以广告单元的形式最先出现在你的HTML代码中。为了充分利用这点,你需要了解你的广告单元中哪些已经通过自定义渠道设定了最高点击率(CTR)。然后,你可以轻松的改变你的网站代码,以确保你的效果最好的单元是最高出价广告。


  • Some publishers believe that by writing about high paying keywords they will be able to improve the earnings on their site. This is not a practice that we encourage. In fact, we always recommend to write about subjects that you know well and that you are passionate about so you can continue to create the compelling, original content that attracts visitors to your site.
  • Don’t use scraped content. It’s a violation of our policies.
  • Don’t create multiple accounts. Publishers are not permitted to maintain multiple AdSense accounts under the same payee name, and having the ad code of different accounts on the same website will not affect your CPC in any way.
  • Finally, don’t try to manipulate the standard behavior, targeting, or delivery of ads in any way that is not explicitly permitted by Google. In case you have any doubt, read the AdSense program policies.


  • 一些广告发布商认为,通过优化高价关键词,他们将能够提高其网站收入。我们不鼓励这种做法。事实上,我们总是推荐写一些你熟知的内容,这样你将充满激情,你可以继续创造引人注目的原创内容来吸引访客访问你的网站。
  • 不要使用抄袭内容。这是违反政策的行为。
  • 不要创建多个账户。广告发布商不得在同一个收款人姓名下保留多个AdSense账户,并且,在同一网站展示的不同账户的广告代码不会影响你的CPC(每次点击费用)。
  • 最后,不要试图去操纵广告标准,目标,或者以Google未明确许可的方式交付任何广告。如果您有任何疑问,请阅读AdSense计划策略。

We hope this helps you optimize your AdSense implementation and maximize your CPC. Leave us a comment with the results.


原文来自:Google Inside AdSense Blog.  Translated by Feeng.

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